One of the first questions we get asked when we tell people of our plans is, “What do the kids think?”

I’ve sort of been answering with a generic “oh they’re pretty excited,” but I thought a better way of answering that question, was to actually ASK the kids!

I started with Haylee.

Haylee has just turned nine. I would describe her as being chilled out (but with a small fiery streak), kind hearted, independent, curious, adventurous, strong-willed/determined, caring, empathetic, smart and willing to give anything a go!

She loves being outdoors (she’s done lots of hiking with me), highland dancing, reading, listening to music (especially Ed Sheeran, I’m hoping to score some tickets next Tuesday) and riding her bike. I think she’s going to LOVE this big adventure.

Here’s how our conversation went:

Me: “What are you looking forward to doing the most on our trip?”

H: “Going to Winton. And finding the opals and stuff. And Uluru.”

Me: “What do you think it’ll be like living in a caravan?”

H: “Umm…different”

Me: “Yeah? How?”

H: “Well it’s a lot smaller in space”

Me: “Where are you going to sleep?”

H: “Well I want to sleep on the bottom bunk but maybe I’ll have to sleep in the top bunk so Milly doesn’t fall off”

Me: “What do you think it’ll be like to have mummy and daddy both around all the time, because daddy doesn’t have to work away anymore?”

H: “Yeah, it’ll take a bit of getting used to, because dad’s usually away, and most of the time we’re at school as well”

Me: “Ahh, school! So, are you looking forward to homeschooling?”

H: “Yeah, sort of”

Me: “What do you think will be the good parts and the bad parts?”

H: “The good parts are you can (giggling) eat whenever you want and play whenever you want! And no homework! And the bad bits…….yeah I don’t think…..I don’t know?”

Me: “What do you think will be the worst part about travelling?”

H: “Ummmm…..nothing…..oh, maybe the part where we’re going to be in the car for ages”

Me: “What do you reckon about the crocodiles?”

H: “Yeah, I’m not going outside with the crocs. In the dark, at night! In the top part of Australia, around Darwin and all that”

Me: “What kind of things do you think you might get to learn about when we’re travelling and you won’t be at school?”

H: “All the different cultures, like the Aboriginals. And, like, the names of all the towns and stuff”

Me: “And will you be taking some of your books? Which books would you love to take with you?”

H: “Goosebumps and Roald Dahl. And there might even be books in some towns, about, like, Australia, that we could get”

Me: “What do you think you’ll do in the car, so you don’t get bored?”

H: “iPad (listening to music), and books, and colouring, and I Spy”

Me: “How far do you think you’ll be able to hike by the end of our trip?”

H: “15km maybe? Or 17. Right now I’m good at around 10km…but I have done 12!!”

Me: “Do you think that we should take our bikes?”

H: “Yessss!!! For sure!!!”

Me: “Do you think that mum and dad should get a bike?”

H: “DING! Yes. Then we can go for rides together”

Me: “Do you think you’ll be bored without TV?”

H: “Not really, no. Because I’ll have lots of other stuff to do, that I like better”

Me: “Can you name 10 places that you might like to go?”

H: “Winton. Kakadu. Katherine. Darwin. What’s the one right at the tip of Australia? Cape York! Ummm….there was another one! Umm, some places, I don’t know what they’re called, but around Hobart, like the places in Tasmania we didn’t get to see. Perth? And….ummmm….somewhere you can see the whales. And Mount Kosciusko!”

Me: “Who will you miss the most?”

H: “Friends, from school and dancing and stuff. And ma and pa. And granny and grandpa – although we might actually run in to them when we’re travelling!” (Note: Luke’s parents love our idea so much they are doing up their caravan and hope to do a similar thing!)

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